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Sunday Will Never Be The Same

Spanky and Our Gang 

la-da-da-da-da la-da-da-da-da-da la-da-da


I remember Sunday morning

I would meet him at the park

We'd walk toghether hand in hand

Till it was almost dark

Now I wake up Sunday morning

Walk along the lane to find

Nobody waiting for me

Sunday's just another day


Sunday will never be the same

(Sunday will never be the same)

I lost my baby's heart

I must be back again (??)


Sunny afternoons that made me feel so warm inside

Have turned as cold and gray as ashes

As I feel the embers die

No longer can I walk these paths for they have changed

I must be home the sun is gone and I think it's gonna rain


I remember children

Feeding flocks of pigeons

I remember sunshine and you were mine

But a-la-da-da-da-da la-da-da-da-da-da-dahhhh


"Sunday will never be the same"





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