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Leigh Bell & The Chimes

Terry, Terry, Terry
Oh, Terry

Terry my love
Tell me where should I begin
To tell you of something
I feel from within
If stars shine above
I know that it's love
The stars shine above
I'm in love, I'm in love

Terry, my love
I know it's real
Your kiss tells me so, I have to reveal
My love for you will last forever
And in our hearts this dream will endeavor
Oh, Terry
Please love me as I love you

We'll swear our love to each other
Our hearts will beat as one
There'll never be another
To take my hand and love me like you do

Terry, my love
I wonder why
When your away
My heart wants to cry
But when you come back
My tears all vanish
When you hold me close
Find the sadness are banished
Oh, Terry
Please love me as I love you






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