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The Man In The Raincoat

Marion Marlowe

Late in the evening, out in the square
A man in a raincoat, standing there
We met by the lamp where the newsboy cries
He stole my heart with his laughing eyes
We smiled as we climed on the old streetcar
I blushed when he asked "are you travelling far"
The next time we met the sun shined all day
We walked and we talked until the evening was grey

He took me dancing, dancing 'til dawn
No happier couple had ever been born
I felt like a queen and he was my king
He borrowed some money to buy me a ring

But I'm still alone the cards are all down
He's taken my money and skipped out of town
And now when I pass the place where we met
I'm wondering if I could forgive and forget

Though bitter is my heart
And foolishly proud
I still go on looking 
When out in a crowd
For a man in a raincoat standing there
With laughing eyes and dark brown hair



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