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Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters

When you see land
(Out of the window of a train)
Kinda green and grassy
(How in the world can you complain)
Beneath a moon
(You ought to see the way it shines)
Bright beyond compare
(The way it shines upon the pines)

When you hear blue jays chirping high and sassy
And catch one sniff of southern cooking
Hanging on the evening air
(Supper's waiting on the table)

When you see folks
(Having their after dinner chats)
All polite and classy
(Gentlemen all remove their hats)
And every smile
(Perfect harmony and peace)
Bids you stay and rest
(Hand the porter your valise)
Get off that train
(Sit down and rest your chassis)
You're in Tallahassee
(The Capital City of Florida and)
The Southland at its best
(But Dixie at its very best)




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