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Come To Baby Do
Doris Day with Les Brown & His Orchestra

I took a choo-choo-choo-choo
Fast as I could take a choo-choo
I came a long, long, long, long way
To take you in my arms
And now it's your first move
To prove that you've been true
Come to baby, do

You've been a way, way, way, way
Way beyond the blue horizon
I'm hopin' no, no, no, no
On one else is on your mind
So pucker up, my sweet
And meet your Waterloo
Come to baby, do

Stop, me from guessin', tain't no time to tease
Stop, all this messing
Put your beggin' baby at ease
I wanna love, love, love you
Just the way I wanna love you
I'm gonna try, try, try to make you try to understand
When all is said and one, the one for me is you
Come to baby do



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